Centralization of Mexican Market Telephone Sales

Increasing the sales of a particular insurance scheme offered by a bank.


The Project grew out of the need to increase the sales of a particular insurance scheme offered by a Bank that operates in several countries. The Bank was managing their insurance sales operations from Mexico City via telemarketing and as a result did not have widespread global coverage. In addition, maintenance of the operations was becoming more complex causing a reduction in profitability. The solution was to expand business in other countries and Atento was chosen to develop the Project, thanks mainly to its established worldwide presence especially in Latin America.


Before commencing operations in a number of countries, Atento first suggested establishing a pilot program in El Salvador using only five agents. This small scale venture managed to generate a considerable increase in insurance sales. As a result, the client approved the project in its entirety.

Drawing on its experience in Outbound Contact Center services, Atento suggested an increase in staffing levels to the client combined with an enlarged operational database.

To improve the response of calls to Mexico, the agents were instructed on how to employ a local accent and were given an understanding of the customs and habits of the region. This encouraged a better rapport with the Mexican customer receiving the call and facilitated acceptance of the product. Atento also incorporated Call Manager technology into the process. This is an intelligent application which recognizes client data and can make searches by postcodes, residential districts, departments, town and state. It can also select database management filters.

As a quality control measure, a recording system was installed to monitor the policy transactions to guarantee sales tracking and contract delivery procedures. This operation verifies the details supplied by the client and consolidates the information into a written contract document. This same recording is also used for product analysis purposes to assist with future improvements in strategy and sales management techniques.


By the end of the 2005-2008 period, the Call Center employed 63 agents and had become the leading source of sales for the bank, increasing sales from 88 to 7.614 per month.

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