Back Office Automations

The most efficient and 100% digital business process automation solution.

BRICS: Digitized documents manager that automatically fragments and distributes data not recognized by OCR.​ OCR: A tool used to extract characters from images and convert them into text, thereby enabling text to be edited even if it comes from a photograph or scanned document.​ ICR: A mechanism coupled with capture and digitization pipelines that recognizes and extracts characters from handwritten documents.​ Facial Recognition: A mechanism that reduces fraud risk by comparing two digital pictures, using a security key (e.g.: Individual Taxpayer ID – CPF), producing a similarity index.​  

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High Value

Back Office


Speed and Eficiency

Through automated manual entry.

Reduction of operating costs

From both in direct labor and in the variable price per process, bringing agility and efficiency.

Security and Quality

Centralized quality control, as each document is reassembled and audited.


Information security in compliance with Brazilian General Data Protection Law.

Quality Control centralized, because the document is audited again.

Capacity to process big amounts.

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