Legal BPO

End-to-end court proceedings management.

From automated case capture and report drafting, evidence analysis, deadlines control, and inputs generation, with online dashboard tracking, through to process closure and payments recovery. This information adds intelligence to the business and improves the accuracy of decisions made in connection with deals or foreclosures.    

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High Value

Back Office


Deadlines Management

Anticipation and control of in- time submissions for the purposes of both case management and a focus on efficiency and compliance with deals on the part of law firms/representatives.

Expertise and Technology

Skilled and specialized professionals. AI engine and semantics analysis generate data for decision-making purposes.

Deals and Credits Portal

Drafting and release of deal proposals by means of a portal, including tracking, validation and end-to-end management of payments and collections.


Down from 30 to 2 days

Identifying cases files.

500 thousand

Case files captured per year.


Of cases captured in advance.

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