The last (and decisive) mile for customers recovery using intelligence along with a killer offer.

This solution covers intelligent resources to revert wishes to cancel a service or even recover revenues after a cancellation. We use a custom approach for each point of contact, which is possible due to the use of advanced Data Science resources. In addition, at a critical complaint points, we implement cancellation islands, or design proactive actions, also  creating  a fully customized alternative offering.. Our CX consultancy can use the complaints data analysis to identify the root cause of cancellation requests and converting a reactive process into a proactive interaction.

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Decreasing complaints

We help our clients to reduce complaints in the first place, after identifying the cancellations root causes.

Descreasing retention costs

Due to the “Next Best Action” and “Next Best Offer” analytics models.

NPS Improvement

Converting complaints into loyalty.


Areas of CX Consultancy, Quality Insights and Process Consultancy focusing on the performance of root problems that generate cancellation.

Use of Data Science to evaluate and define the best offer and argumentation.

Focusing on NPS improvement along with the retention cost x revenue forecast analysis.

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