A fast track to keep your customers aboard, happy and loyal.

We can deliver many different shielding digital approaches, from monitor the social media activities and touch customers after a competitor’s mentioning, to run massive campaigns for those with expiring contracts, or have experienced some recent stress with the use of the product or service. The Predictive Analytics models bring insights to prevent a risk of customer churn, ensuring loyalty and long-term relationship, along with the “Next Best Offer”. The CX consulting supports the definition of the best approach, as well as which arsenal of digital channels to use to fight competition.

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High Value

Back Office



Customers feel taken care of by the brand.

Budget control

Better control of the budget with expenses over discounts, gifts, promotions when you are proactive.

Churn reduction

Anticipating the churn risk, as well as overall complaints.


Use of Data Science to evaluate and define the best offer and argumentation.

Use of AI/Cognitive capabilities, such as Semantic Engine to capture churn contexts.

Volume flexibility and low investment for non-massive operations.

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