We are Atento

We are leaders in Latin America, serving the largest companies in their sector such as: Telecommunications, Banking/Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail,  Governmental, and Born-digital Services amongst others.

Três homens e duas mulheres em torno de um laptop

Knowledge is our distinctive trait: we combine data technology and digital tools with our vast experience in consumer relationships to provide valuable insights for every step along the end-customer’s journey, making experiences more valuable for consumers and companies.

We routinely build up 10,000 hours of customer-service experience on human and digital channels, every 10 minutes.

Mission and Vision

We work as a team, understanding their the needs of our clients on a local basis but leveraging our multinational capacities in scale.

Driven by the desire of being the best and with ambition to achieve our goals. We add passion to everything we do.



  • Honesty, transparency and respect above anything else, based on strong ethical principles.
  • We do the right thing, even when no one is looking… and if they do, we would feel proud.
  • We lead by example and we are empathic. We treat others as we would like to be treated.
  • We have financial and operational discipline.


  • We have a sense of urgency in everything that we do and make decisions quickly.
  • We make mistakes, but we learn from them and avoid repetition.
  • When we face problems, we solve them and work on improvement.
  • We evolve very fast, sharing and adapting ideas quickly.

One Team

  • We are a single global company. We work and win as a single team.
  • We think globally and act locally.
  • We foster collaborative environments.
  • We are dependable, we contribute to the work of our colleagues and collaborate on shared projects.
  • We share good practices.

Customer Oriented

  • The end-consumer is at the center of everything we do.
  • We proactively deliver the best possible service and added value.
  • We understand our clients’ market, their strategy and their responsibility.
  • We are always thinking on the best way to help.


  • We keep our commitment and the promises we make.
  • We are trustworthy and we do not make excuses.
  • We take responsibility for our behavior.
  • We demonstrate with results, we auto evaluate and improve.

Atento in numbers